Jorge Sáez Criado, escritor de ciencia ficción, fantasía, misterio y suspense sobrenatural y no ficción espiritual

I’ll tell you a secret: I have a double life. Some days I write about spirituality and others I make imaginary characters suffer and face epic battles between good and evil.
Odd mix, isn’t it? The thing is, those two lives aren’t that far apart. They complement each other. Don’t you have any idea how? Now I’ll tell you.
I’m a computer engineer. I’ve had a computer in my hands since the exciting times of Spectrum and I’ve seen on the front line how those devices so loaded with possibilities have been changing the world for better or worse.
In spite of working with computers (or, perhaps, because of it), I’ve always had an inordinate interest in spirituality, which led me to begin studies of Religious Sciences and to read all kinds of books on theology.
On the other hand, reading has been part of my life since I was a child. My parents and siblings say that I had to start reading on my own after having them awake the whole night asking for more tales to listen to.
Whether it’s like this or not, reading is part of my nature to the point that my ideal room would be lined with bookshelves. And why not? Book towers on the floor. There’s always room for more books, isn’t there? Especially fantasy and science fiction which are my favourite genres.
And what can happen when the two factors come together? Well, I started writing. I have written more than forty articles, a series of books on the Rosary and supernatural suspense and science fiction novels that have as a common denominator a positive view of life and the exploration of truth.
So here we are. Shall we move on?