As long as there are sunrises, there will be hope

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As long as there are sunrises, there will be hope

More than once you’ll have been assaulted by the feeling that everything you are fighting for is useless. That all your sleeplessness, your attempts to achieve your dreams, are going to fail. In fact, perhaps you’ve already felt the cold breath of failure in your neck.

And you know what? You may fail. You may never achieve your dreams. Our heads have been filled with positive thinking nonsense as if thinking something already made it real. That is not the case. Sometimes you fail. I’m sorry, you probably didn’t want to read that, but I have to be honest.

Faced with this, I think it’s best to replace positive thinking with realistic thinking. This implies the humility to properly value one’s own capacities and means and to start from there. From reality. Knowing that we’ll have to fight, that we’ll have to do our best, overcome our limits again and again. To have our gaze focused on the goal, even though we know that there will be stumbles.

As long as there are sunrises, there will be hope

What you can never lose is hope. You have a dream. You want to achieve it with all your strength. Well, do things by thinking first. Set realistic goals for the short, medium and long term. Identify actions to achieve those goals. Put aside fears, including the fear of failure, and fight like a lion for those goals.

You should only give up once you’re dead. You can never stop fighting. Evolve, redefine actions, take a deep breath and keep fighting so that at the end of your life you can’t say you didn’t fight enough.

To fall fighting for what you believe in without fainting at any time. Well thought out, we can’t call that failure, can we? Failure would be surrender. And you’re not going to do that. Therefore, you won’t fail even if you don’t reach your dreams.

As long as there are sunrises, there will be hope.

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