Writing to Change the World

Writing is born of an inner impulse

Writing to change the world

The urge to write is not something that is so easy to put aside. It always comes back, pushing you to leave a string of written words in any medium at your fingertips — how many times I’ve written things down on the first piece of paper I had at hand! But no one writes just because. If you have that impulse it’s because there is something inside you that wants to come out, that wants to show itself to the world. You have a message, something to say, something to communicate . A part of your interior doesn’t stop urging you to write down stories in which you always, always, leave something of yourself. Forget those theories that say that the writer is not reflected in his work. How could an author not be reflected in his work, a creator in his creature? Even in the effort to leave no trace of himself, he would be leaving it.

You’re always going to leave a footprint.

Write without fear

There are people who are annoyed by finding a moral imprint in a book. Do they think writing should be an aseptic … Sigue leyendo

Nowak’s Stigmata

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A small story that expands on the story of one of the characters in Apocalipsis and Llorando Sangre: Józef Nowak, translated by Lisa Nicholas. You want to know how the stigmata appeared to him? Read on.

Nowak’s Stigmata

Christ on the cross

“My Lord and my God, may all my intentions, actions, and operations be ordered purely to Thy service and to the praise of Thy divine majesty.”

Józef Nowak was in his room at the Jesuit seminary, where he had been doing the Spiritual Exercises for the first time. A month of solitude and silence, a month of prayer to discover God’s will for him. To confirm that the way forward for him was to join the Society of Jesus.

He was now in the third week of the Exercises that St. Ignatius of Loyola had developed—the meditations of the seventh day, the Passion of Christ. As in each of the previous ones, he began by imagining the place where the object of his meditation had occurred and by asking God to grant him
sorrow, tears, and suffering for the tormented Christ.

As soon as he began to imagine the scenes of the Passion, he felt his heart expand. He saw … Sigue leyendo

Transfer Complete, a cyberpunk story

Transfer Complete, a cyberpunk story

Transfer Complete


The smartest AI ever created will take control of the world, if nobody stops it.

The first volume of a cyberpunk science fiction serial novel in which Billy and David, two brilliant programmers, give life to an artificial intelligence, whose hunger for learning will endanger the whole world. A world where androids are more and more seen, not only as tools, but as nearly humans.

You’ll realize it’s not so far from reality.

A cyberpunk story

Finally, here’s my first book in English. The first volume of a cyberpunk serial novel called Memories of Twilight, with a disturbing artificial intelligence, robots, humans dependent on technology . . . even space travel!

I’m so excited. This translation has been done between my wife and Lisa Nicholas, from Mitey Editing, and I think the result is exceptional.

My wife designed the cover and I did the layout. I’m very happy with how the book looks.

Now all that remains for me is to hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Transfer Complete, the first volume of my cyberpunk serial novel.

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