Yeah, this is what is usually called a landing page. One of those where, in exchange for your email address, you usually offer a small document for free as if it were the solution to all your problems.

But let’s be honest: how many times are those documents more than a rehash of things that are already on a thousand websites?

How many times are they really what they’re supposed to be?

Eventually, you gather a huge amount of mails everyday from mailing lists you subscribed to because of the damn “gift”, which, in fact, you’re not interested in.

I’m saying that as it’s my case. Not once, nor twice, but many times.

Even once I subscribed to one list that was said to be fantastic and the only thing they did was to send a daily message for telling me they were the best and urging me to buy their course. Basically, because they said they were so.

I refuse to follow the same path, so trite and boring.

All I want is that, if you subscribe to my list, you do it because you’re really interested in it. Because you want me to tell you how my marathon uphill and on the lame paw as a writer and translator is going on. Because you liked something you read by me and you’d like to know what I’m dealing with before anyone else. Not because I give you a present that, indeed, will not help you at all.

Yes, I could also give you a free short story. Or a whole book, why not?

But, you know what? I don’t thing that’s a good idea. First of all, because you’d become a kind of little fish who needs a nonsense claim to bite. Or in a mouse with a cheat file, as a little piece of cheese, for it to enter the mouse trap list. No, I respect you so much for doing such a thing.

And, secondly, because I’d be giving my work away. That short story you read in a little while took me many hours of effort and dedication. Giving it for free would lead you not to value my work. And, on the other hand, you can see samples of what I write in the extracts I set as preview or in Amazon, which let you see part of the book. So no, I’m not giving away my work. You wouldn’t give yours away, would you? We have that in common.

However, if you subscribe to my newsletter under these conditions, because you’re interested in it, you’ll have some advantages:

  • Access to offers you wouldn’t get otherwhise.
  • Getting some ARCs in exchange for a review.
  • I’ll let you know about all the news, such as web entries, articles, new projects, etc.
  • And more things that may come into my mind. Or to you.

Did I convice you? Then, press the button.