My mission as a translator

Maybe what I like most about translation is to be able to bring to my language, Spanish, good books that perhaps only exist in English — books that feed the soul and the mind, books that take us to different worlds to talk about ours, books that speak to our hearts.

Translation seems to me the perfect complement to my activity as writer. In addition, you have the advantage of knowing that your book will be translated by an author. Not someone unaware of what it means to give birth to a story and accompany it along its entire path. Well, I want to help you open a new path for your work.

These are the genres I specialize in:

  • Literary Translation: because, who doesn’t like a good story?
  • Christian Non-Fiction Translation: especially Catholic, although I am open to any good work that enlivens the faith.

Of course, I will not translate anything that does not go with the Catholic faith. Your work may reflect evil, this is our world, but evil cannot be desirable. In the works I write, I try to reflect hope. The ones I translate, must follow the same rule.

My services are not limited to translation. I don’t want a good author with a good book to be abandoned. I don’t see translation as a simple exchange of words for money. I offer whoever wants it to accompany them throughout the life of the book. So, if you want, I can also lay out and format your book and help you with the promotion to, together, introduce the book to the Spanish-speaking market.

Translation rates

Okay, this is always a complicated and feared point. So let’s go to it without further delay.

My fee is 0.08 € per source word, taxes not included. However, it is not necessarily a fixed fee. It is negotiable, within limits. If your project is interesting and fits into my specialties, do not hesitate to contact me.

In addition, I can lay out and format the book for you for the Spanish market. This would have a separate price that, as you will understand, it is necessary to evaluate case by case. A basic formatting is included in translation.

In the same way, if you want I can lend a hand to give visibility to your book in the Spanish market. Once again, this would have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please, take into account that I translate to Castilian Spanish (aka Spanish from Spain). There are some differences between Castilian Spanish and from Latin American Spanish. But as there are differences between British English and American English, with little effort a speaker from one place understand the other one and vice versa. I´ve read books in Latin American Spanish without difficulty, as well as I’ve got readers in that area and had not problem in reading my books.

The differences are usually related to idioms from only that specific area, different words, sometimes changes in the meaning of certain words as well and a variety of pronounciations for the same word.

The first step

Now, the first step if all this seems interesting to you is to contact me. Tell me your project, let me know your work. I will answer you as soon as possible.

See you soon.