Transfer Complete, a cyberpunk story

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Transfer Complete, a cyberpunk story

Transfer Complete


The smartest AI ever created will take control of the world, if nobody stops it.

The first volume of a cyberpunk science fiction serial novel in which Billy and David, two brilliant programmers, give life to an artificial intelligence, whose hunger for learning will endanger the whole world. A world where androids are more and more seen, not only as tools, but as nearly humans.

You’ll realize it’s not so far from reality.

A cyberpunk story

Finally, here’s my first book in English. The first volume of a cyberpunk serial novel called Memories of Twilight, with a disturbing artificial intelligence, robots, humans dependent on technology . . . even space travel!

I’m so excited. This translation has been done between my wife and Lisa Nicholas, from Mitey Editing, and I think the result is exceptional.

My wife designed the cover and I did the layout. I’m very happy with how the book looks.

Now all that remains for me is to hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Transfer Complete, the first volume of my cyberpunk serial novel.

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