The smartest AI ever created will take control of the world, if nobody stops it.

The first volume of a cyberpunk science fiction serial novel in which Billy and David, two brilliant programmers, give life to an artificial intelligence, whose hunger for learning will endanger the whole world. A world where androids are more and more seen, not only as tools, but as nearly humans.

You’ll realize it’s not so far from reality.


Readers' opinions

I devoured it twice today. The first time I read it during my lunch break at work. The second I used adaptive technology and listened to it on my way home from work. . . . In some ways the story reads like classic science fiction. It called to mind Frank Herbert’s stories The Green Brain and The Eye's of Heisenberg. . . . A great story that will start you thinking, and one that you will not easily be able to stop thinking about. Very well written! I give it a solid 5/5 stars and encourage you to give it a try.
Transfer Complete is a short story that is equally entertaining, intriguing, and terrifying. This imaginative science fiction story, about a world where artificial intelligence takes control, is a fantastic read. I loved the way the story unfolds, through smaller stories featuring different characters. This serial format that the author uses is very effective. I look forward to reading more. Fantastic job!

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